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Special Offers

Company Clinics

Through the whole area in and around Amsterdam there are a lot of international firms searching for good sports activities for there staff. Besides the clinics they want to combine that sometimes with high standard congress facilities with own parking space and a good kitchen. All those aspects are well looked after at the international facilities of the Frans Otten Stadium.

Therefore we organize tennis clinics in that direction, the last successful tournaments/clinics were from ABN Amro and Heineken.

The clinic program can be diverse, from a tournament on maximum 8 courts up to a small group on 3 courts. The Frans Otten Stadium has two tennis stadiums inside one of three courts and one of five courts. We can use them separate or combined.

The Pro Shop and Tennis Academy of the Frans Otten Stadium accommodates the necessary tennis materials when needed.

The restaurant can full fill all your wishes in the culinary area. Next to that we have excellent congress facilities at the Stadium.

When we focus on tennis clinics, we create an interesting tennis program that matches the wishes of the company especially for that day. We speak with the representative of the company upfront and organize the necessary disciplines at the stadium when needed.

Costs are offered in a individual proposal from our tennis coach +31-(0)6-10857874.