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Winter Season

Winter Season Terms

  • The lessons take place under all weather conditions on the 8 indoor courts
  • Assuming this is asked by the group in the offered course and on the condition of sufficient entries, we start with extra lessons/ complementary training during the whole winter season
  • We train all the weeks of the winter season
  • Participation in a course is personal
  • Only individual training sessions may be moved incidentally and in consultation (maximum twice)
  • Absence of a training session, for whichever reason, is on account and risk of the course member
  • Group formation is done by ATA
  • ATA reserves the right to refuse a registration
  • You will receive notification concerning group formation and billing
  • The ATA coach uses several technical aids such as a ball machine, video analysis and other didactical aids.
  • The ATA coach is officially trained and licensed by the Dutch Tennis Federation
  • The training fees include 9% VAT but do NOT include but do NOT include court fee to the Frans Otten Stadium, which goes separately through an incassoform.
  • Unfortunately we can not accept incomplete registration forms
  • Signing the registration form obliges you to pay the dues for the lessons
  • The Academy can at all-time restitute training hours/training fees when the Academy thinks it’s necessary
  • When a collection agency is called in, you will be billed for all extra costs, with a minimum of € 35,-
  • We do not restitute lesson fees for courses which are not visited by your own accord.
  • Consultation between ATA and a participant may lead to alteration of time or day when lesson takes place
  • The training weeks start at 1st October 2020 till the 15th of april 2021, changes are possible
  • For Frans Otten Stadium: The landlord is not obliged to refund if the tenant has not been able to use the leased during the Winter Season as a result of an occasion beyond the Landlord’s control. This occasion and any resulting costs and damage, do not constitute grounds for set-off, dissolution or cancellation of this agreement by the tenant. Nor does the occasion constitute grounds for suspension of any obligation under this agreement by the tenant. The landlord will make reasonable efforts to accommodate the tenant in this situation.
  • You may fill out your registration form on our website, or sign it and hand it over to the receptionist of the Frans Otten Stadium. Or you can scan it and mail it to
For more information you can always call the tennis coach at 06-10 857 874.


Although we apply the utmost caution to the details presented on our website and in our written information, it is possible that these may contain errors. In this case, we do not accept any liability.